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“Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers. Learning never ends.” - Josef Albers

Josef Albers helped form some of the most influential art education programs of the twentieth century. And just as he states, the best professors will always remain students; always remaining curious of the world that surrounds them.

We are born with the desire to learn. This desire can take many forms and styles, but regardless, I believe it’s important to always remain innovative as an instructor in order to promote creativity. I like to implement the act of making alongside the act of thinking.

I strongly advocate the process of design. Research and experimentation are key to any creative process. Collaboration and feedback are also essential as they help promote creative thinking.


Technology remains an important tool for designers. It’s crucial for students to remain current with technology and understand its value within design.

An inspiring and encouraging atmosphere is necessary to promote learning. I hope to help students learn and grow as designers, while I continue to learn and grow as an instructor.

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