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Sunkissed Sally Hansen is a brand extension of the brand Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen products are currently only nail related beauty products; this packaging design would be for an extension into hair care products.


The bottle designs are for five different products: shampoo, conditioner, a deep cleanse, a color enhancer, and a treatment. All five products are exclusively for blondes.


The name Sunkissed is inspired by the characteristics of blonde hair. The traditional shade of orange of Sally Hansen is used along with a shade of yellow to further represent that this is a blonde hair care line and also to contrast the light pink of the materials inside the bottles. A pattern was created that would represent the idea of “sunkissed” blonde hair. I drew inspiration from images of the sun and from images of flowers because both of these objects best represented the brand. Using circles in a radiating pattern I was able to create imagery that resembled both the sun and flowers.


A set of nontraditional bottles was used to make the product stand out on the shelf. This line of hair care products was created to compliment Sally Hansen's well established nail care line.

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