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Gemini Circus is a fictional circus that travels around the Midwest throughout the spring and summer months. This set of print and digital collateral focuses on the Minneapolis, Minnesota location from June 5th through the 26th.


The logo for this company was created in a simple, yet fun illustrative style. It is designed with a traditional style with a modern twist. The first collateral elements are a set of three posters: one type dominant, one type and image equal, and one image dominant.


The set also contains a business card, letterhead, and envelope set. A series of circus balls create a pattern accented with deep purple.


A nontraditional brochure was created with peep-hole graphics. From the outside you only see images, but once you open the brochure, text corresponding to each image is revealed.


There are also other collateral pieces like snow cone wrappers, stickers, and a name tag for employees.


For entrance materials there are tickets with corresponding wristbands for children, adults, and seniors with prices that reflect each age group. A folder was designed to enclose the tickets and wristbands for those that may order in advance.


Since circuses relocate frequently, the vehicles are wrapped in branding elements to help advertise the circus while on the road.


Lastly, an application and a website for the circus allow digital access for circus visitors. Both offer a background story about the circus, location details, general information including ticket pricing, admission details, and contact information.

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