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The Des Moines Farmers’ Market is hosted every Saturday, 7:00-12:00, from May until October, in Des Moines, Iowa. The weekly event attracts thousands of visitors of all ages and offers various family friendly food vendors and activities.


Many market goers bring canvas bags to carry their purchased goods, so I created a set of three bags for the market targeted at three different age groups.


The first design uses fun illustrations and bright colors to appeal to younger children who like to assist their parents at the market.


For the second design I wrote on an ear of corn and photographed it. This was a fun, out of the box, alternative to a traditional photograph. It also emphasizes the corn market of Iowa. This bag is targeted more towards middle-aged market goers.


The final design is a close up photograph of produce with the type cut out to let the texture of the bag show through. This design is more traditional and would therefore attract a more conventional audience.


I also designed three corresponding postcards. This farmers’ market is traditionally advertised at local businesses manually instead of through mass mailing, so I designed these postcards as hand out cards rather than mailers.

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