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Work by Emily Neel


 In this project, you will have the opportunity to explore in-depth visual solutions and find various, different resolutions for the same design problem. 

You will design four pieces based on a subject of your choosing. All four will be of the same form/format, for example: four book covers, four menus, four CD covers, four posters, four editorial spreads, four web pages, four packages, etc. The content must be the same for all pieces, however; the visual form (a.k.a. look and feel) will vary. All four variations should be the same size and orientation. 

Your text can be found, but all images and illustrations must be your own. You can copy another company's menu content, album title, etc, but you cannot use found imagery. There may be exceptions, talk to me. You can also create your own written content if you choose. 

Your four variations will be: 

1. Type only 

2. Flat color 

3. Illustration 

4. Photographic 

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