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Work by Dakota Kessler


Choose a subject matter you’re interested in, something you love, something you’re curious about, etc. It can be something that you’re already educated in or something you want to learn about.

Using 10-15 photographs, capture this topic, and present it to the class as a visual narrative. 

When you’ve captured your images, edit them as you wish, but I encourage you to not over-edit them. I also encourage you to keep them in color rather than changing them to black and white, but this is not a requirement. There may be exceptions to this depending on your topic, so if you aren’t sure or want to try something, let me know. All images must be your own and make sure you consider how editing might affect the meaning.

Combine your images into a slide show or grouping of some kind to present to the class. Keep in mind how your presentation may affect the meaning of your images. There is no size requirement, the images can be as big or as small as you’d like, as long as the class can see them when presenting.

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