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Bloom Box is a gardening kit for beginning gardeners. The kit comes with everything you need to start your indoor or outdoor flower garden including six types of seeds, three types of bulbs, and soil; all you need is water.


The kit is organized into three layers, the top layer contains six seed boxes, the middle layer contains three bulb boxes, and the bottom layer contains soil and also doubles as your planning pot. This way you don’t even have to buy a pot to plant your flowers in. All the boxes arrange to create one large cube and are housed within an outer acrylic box.


The kit also comes with two pieces of literature. One is a diagram explaining the contents of the Bloom Box. The other is a Planting Guide that offers insight on all nine types of flowers included in the kit. The Planting Guide offers information such as what temperature each flower grows best, how often to water it, and more. Each seed and bulb also comes with a corresponding planning tab so when you plant your flower you can mark it to remember what you planted.


The goal behind this project was sustainability and reusability.  Each box is unmarked except for the Bloom Box pattern on the lids. This allows the boxes to be reused later for things like jewelry, currency, or even gift gifting. The outer acrylic box can also be reused for storage. Since everything within this kit stacks and houses itself, there is no need for wrappings or adhesives. Both pieces of literature are also recyclable.


This product is perfect for gift-giving, indoor planting, and offers an environmentally friendly design.

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